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When you’re looking for protection on the job site, Valley Insurance Services’ Specialty Construction Group (SCG) ensures you’re covered.

Our commitment to our clients and communities is why we’re invested in finding you the coverage that’s right for your construction business. We understand that every new construction project brings unique challenges and opportunities as well as contracts detailing your obligations to the specific project. This is where our SCG group can step in to help.


We can assist you through the process of determining the right insurance coverage as well as navigating the complexities of indemnification so you know what you might be held responsible for when compensating another party for damage or loss. Your team is your greatest asset so keeping them safe on the job is both a priority and a smart business decision. We help ensure that your subcontractors are complying with your contractual insurance and certificate of insurance requirements. 


Valley Loss Prevention Considerations

Our loss control specialists will help you develop a program that promotes a culture of safety through services like:

  • Workplace safety evaluations

  • Recommending safety and loss prevention controls

  • Review of workplace policies

  • Mock OSHA and workplace inspections

  • Comprehensive safety training


Losses can happen even at the safest jobsites so we also offer education on incident response to safely and effectively manage any loss that may occur.

Property and Casualty Insurance Considerations


To develop a framework for risk management, Valley Insurance Advisors’ Specialty Construction Group delivers solutions for a variety of industries across all phases of the construction process to see your business from start to finish. We offer industry-leading solutions for general contractors, trade contractors, property owners, investors and construction professionals.



We advise clients in the construction industry managing business risks related to: 

  • Workers Compensation

  • Property Coverage 

  • General Liability 

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability 

  • Automobile Liability 

  • Contractor’s Equipment 

  • Management and Professional Services 

  • Environmental Risks

  • Cyber Risks 

  • Claims and Risk Control 

  • Certificate Review and Tracking 


We also offer specialty construction services including:

We also offer specialty construction services including:

  • Contract Review and Insurance Policy Compliance
  • Experience Mod Review and Analysis
  • Loss Forecasting
  • Project-Specific General Liability Programs
  • General Liability Only Programs (OCIP and CCIP)
  • Equipment Floaters
  • Surety Services
  • Sub-contractor Default Insurance & Risk Management

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